Management Services
  1. Full Service Property Mgmt
    Williamson Managements full service property management services includes, but is not limited to, assessment collection, project management, audit/tax management, corporate administration, covenant enforcement, daily maintenance, website design/maintenance, communications, and resale/refinance coordination to name a few.
  2. Project Coordination
    WMI will assist the Board in developing scope and specifications of various projects, organizing the bid process, assisting with engineering services if applicable, coordinating with municipalities on determining scope requirements, analyzing bids for comparison, interviewing potential contractors, and assisting the Board with final contractor decision.
  3. Daily Maintenance
    WMI will assist the Board of Directors in handling the day-to-day maintenance of the property via assigning the appropriate contractor to perform one-man job type work orders.
  4. Covenant Enforcement
    WMI will adhere to the Rules & Regulations of your association specifically and help design and implement an inspection and enforcement policy and procedure that is consistent with the Board of Directors' desired approach to rule enforcement.
  5. Liaison To All Vendors
    WMI will be the buffer between the Board and association members when dealing with vendors who perform services on behalf of the association and will maintain open lines of communication with the Board on issues and concerns.
  6. Consulting
    WMI has a consulting program for any client who does not want full service but still requires a need for a management company to assist in some of the facets of property management such as financial services, vendor selection, project coordination, rule/regulation enforcement, corporate governance, etc.
  7. Emergency Repair Services
    WMI's clients are offered the service of having 24-hour emergency service whereby WMI will be the liaison to receiving all emergency calls that require immediate action by an association-approved contractor.